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Cruising the Maldives aboard
Yasawa Princess is the only cruise ship operating in the Maldives for the leisure travellers including divers and non-divers making it one of the best cruise holidays in the Maldives with 7/14 day cruises and alternative itineraries every other week. Cruises are designed to provide the best Maldivian experience, Swimming/Snorkeling in turquoise blue lagoons, Diving the top dive sites of the marine wonderland, total relaxation on secluded white sandy beaches of newly formed Sandbanks, Deserted Islands & Picnic Island, Visiting the local island villages to experience the island life and night fishing under a starry sky.

We also offer charter trips for dive clubs, dive groups and company retreats on request basis, itineraries are finalized with guest preferences.
  • Snorkeling
  • Sunbath
  • Fishing
  • Island Hopping
Leisure Cruises
Leisure cruises lets you escape to a day of sun, sea and sand on sandbanks, and gorgeous deserted and picnic islands. This is an all-exclusive program with daily excursions letting you experience the culture of local islands, and resorts. Night fishing excursions and delicious evening beach barbeques are also included in the program.
Apart from swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing, with a small extra charge you can add diving and game fishing to your leisure cruise list.
Check out our sets of itineraries for leisure cruises.

Dive Cruises
Dive cruises are designed specially for our dedicated divers. With 3 dives a day and a thrilling weekly night dive, signing up for this cruise will help you dive headfirst into an underwater adventure. The dive routes and itinerary will be designed based on the best dive choices for the particular cruise period.

Non-Divers can also join the dive cruises, and enjoy at their own pace. Although we cannot promise daily island excursions on these dive cruises, depending on the proximity of sand banks or islands such excursions will be arranged to be added onto your cruise.
Charter Cruises
We understand that every traveler is unique, and that's why we offer fully customizable charter cruises tailored to your preferences. Design your perfect voyage by choosing from a range of options that cater to both dive enthusiasts and leisure seekers alike.
Our Cruise Itinerary
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